New Journey – Victory Over the Darkness

We are beginning a new journey this week as we spend time discussing Neil Anderson’s book, Victory Over the Darkness. This book was written in 1990 and made a huge difference in my spiritual life. I’m going to reflect on each chapter once a week and I truly hope you will comment and participate in the discussion. My passion is that you will discover the freedom, the significance, and the joy of being “in Christ.” If you don’t know what it means to be in Christ, you’re in for a treat. Whether or not you are a part of the Bridge, I invite you to join us on this journey. You can pick up the book from Amazon, or it is also available on Kindle. Let me start with one thought. One of the key concepts of the book is the fact that when you become a follower of Jesus, he gives you a new identity. As a follower of Christ, you are a child of God! You are forgiven! As you learn to believe what God says about you, you will discover that you have a greater motivation to grow and greater power to make significant changes in your life. God bless. I look forward to the first installment.


Note to those who are participating in Small Groups: I will publish questions at the bottom of each post. These are designed to help you with your small group discussions. I pray that you will talk about your life and struggles, that you will encourage each other, and pray for each other as a group. I believe this journey could change your life.

2 thoughts on “New Journey – Victory Over the Darkness

  1. Wayne says:

    Who Are You? This question has me rethinking my everyday actions.
    I read the question on page 24 “Is who you are determined by what you do, or is what you do determined by who you are?” and I look back on my life and ask myself, Did my actions really reflect who I am as a child of God? NO. I never really understood what it truly meant to be a child of God. I am looking forward to this spiritual journey.

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